A Day At Davis Wright Tremaine January 3, 2024 – Posted in: Global News

AtWork!’s King County Transition Program recently enjoyed an extraordinary day at the Davis Wright Tremaine law offices, all thanks to our forward-thinking Board of Directors. Second and final-year Transition Students had the unique chance to explore

the life of a paralegal in action.

“It was great! I learned a lot about the office, the law, and the people were nice like Becca. I could see myself working there based off the experience!” – Mason P.

The day kicked off with an engaging icebreaker, breaking down barriers between students and employees. Fueled by newfound connections, students eagerly dove into the world of law, gaining hands-on experience across different legal divisions.

“It was fun! Randy, my mentor was cool.  He taught me how to work in a law office and I thought Randy would be fun to for/with. I made a good connection with a lot of the workers there.” – Andrew H.

Jacksen Bates, our dedicated Transition Specialist, highlighted the significance of our work to both students and the Davis Wright Tremaine team. The impact was clear — excited students declared it their best school day ever! This outing wasn’t just an event; it was a transformative adventure, sparking inspiration and showcasing the potential of forging meaningful connections.

In these moments, we’re not just shaping futures; we’re building bridges to a world of endless possibilities, one extraordinary experience at a time.

“Great and the view was super cool. Really nice people and I learned about the office and what each person does. I could see myself working there.” – Lyosha R.

A young man with I/DD smiles at the camera while eating lunch at Davis Wright Tremaine. He is wearing a gray polo shirt with a black collar. He has a name tag on and glasses.