Benefits Of Hiring People With Disabilities

Diversity. Economic value. A more positive workplace. 

These are just a few of the positive results employers report upon hiring people with disabilities, with the help of AtWork!. We are a highly supportive partner, helping employers like you leverage the real economic value of employing people with disabilities. 

What’s in it for employers?

  • Increased market share: Reflecting diversity in your workplace will appeal to your customers. Plus, people with disabilities and their families make up a huge section of the market. They enjoy doing business with supportive companies.
  • Improved productivity: Effective job matching fits the employee’s abilities to the employers’ needs. There right person in the right job makes everyone more productive.
  • Reduced turnover: Having trouble finding good employees? Many repetitive or entry-level positions are well suited to people with disabilities.
  • Improved morale: People with disabilities want to work and contribute. They are motivated and reliable coworkers who add value to any team. Their enthusiasm and positive attitudes are contagious – and great for morale.
  • Higher retention: People with disabilities are reliable and dependable workers, with some of the highest rates of retention of any employee group.
  • Low investment, high return: There is no additional cost to you, other than the employee’s wages. All of our services are free to employers.
  • Win-win situation for all: Hiring people with disabilities benefits the workers, the community and your company.


AtWork! believes in finding jobs for everyone who wants to work. We need more employers of all sizes to partner with us, make a difference and reap the benefits. 

Learn how hiring people with disabilities can work for your company by contacting Wally Tablit, VP of Employment Services. Or call 425-274-4000.

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