Celebrate Creativity and Inclusion at the Schack Art Show! July 8, 2024 – Posted in: Global News

The Schack Art Show is more than just an art exhibition—it’s a celebration of community inclusion and creativity. Artists Sandy and Val, alongside a vibrant group of participants, gathered

at Stuffington’s in Everett to create unique artwork featuring animals up for adoption. This initiative is part of the “Paws With Cause” program, facilitated by Dan Galloway, which connects AtWork!, Paws, and Stuffington’s.

Every session is filled with laughter and camaraderie as participants select an animal and work with their coaches to create an artistic piece reflecting the animal’s image. This activity not only brings joy to those involved but also attracts a diverse group of people who are eager to join in. The only cost to participate is for the supplies used, making it accessible for everyone.

The artists’ incredible work will be highlighted at the Schack Art Show in Everett. The main event opens on July 18th at 5 pm, but you can tour the facilities anytime from now until the end of August. This year’s theme, inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the thing with feathers,” showcases the creativity and talent of our incredibly capable artists: Thomas, Travis, Beverly, Sandy, and Val.

Thanks to the generosity of Stuffington’s Ceramics & More and the support of art docents Karen and Michelle from Paws With Cause, this program thrives. The artists use recycled house paint from DecoArt, transforming what would have been wasted into beautiful art, supporting environmental sustainability.

We encourage everyone to visit the Schack Art Show to witness the incredible artworks and support these talented artists. Join us in celebrating the joy and inclusion that art brings to our community.

Learn more about “Paws With Cause” – https://pawswithcause.org/

Visit the Schack Art Center – 2921 Hoyt Ave., Everett, WA 98201, https://www.schack.org/

Learn more about Stuffington’s Ceramics & More – https://www.stuffingtonsceramics.com/