Chris at Cactus Bellevue August 5, 2019 – Posted in: Global News

Chris arrives at Cactus Bellevue in the morning and immediately sets out to help his coworkers prepare for the day. He starts by cleaning the bases of tables, tabletops, and seats, then continues to ensure the…

menus are correct, up-to-date, and clean.

Chris has been working at his local community Cactus for four years now. With the support of his job coach Halie, Chris is always willing to learn and complete new tasks such as wiping down windowsills and occasionally helping set out napkins for the tables. His favorite task continues to be cleaning the bases of the tables (next time you’re in, look! They’re spotless!). He truly loves his job and lights up when he sees his favorite people. He is an amazing team player and encourages his teammates regularly with a big thumbs up!

During Chris’ time at Cactus he has not only taken on new tasks and responsibilities, but he has also become more independent and detail orientated with his tasks. You can see the sense of pride Chris has on the job as he keeps his peers and managers apprised of any lights around the restaurant that have burned out. He let’s them know so they can get them replaced as soon as possible. He also takes notice when his coworkers are doing new things around the restaurant and actively participates.

One of the reasons Chris loves working for Cactus so much is that they’re invested in him. They know traveling is important to him and have created a flexible schedule for him to spend more time traveling with his family. Chris’ manager Mark is very appreciative of the work he provides and has always been accommodating of Chris’ days off. Chris’ rotating manager Kristen has also been supportive and engaging, making her one of Chris’ favorite people to see at work whenever she is visiting the Bellevue location.

When not working or traveling with his family, Chris enjoys using his paychecks to spend time with his friends, going out to eat, and shopping at his local mall. Chris is so very grateful for his community at Cactus and always looks forward to going to work.

Thank you for all you do Chris!

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