Dustin at the Saw Mill Cafe! February 27, 2020 – Posted in: Employment Services, Happy Dances

Dustin has been successfully working at the Saw Mill Cafe in Mill Creek for about four (4) years now. At Saw Mill Cafe, Dustin works as an assistant to the full-time dishwasher. Due to Dustin’s…

hard work and bubbly personality, additional time was added to his shift which is fantastic news! We love hearing about our folks getting more hours at jobs they love, and we believe this is truly worthy of celebration!

When Dustin began working at the Saw Mill Cafe, there was some initial concern about him relating to his coworkers. You see, Dustin is quiet and can be difficult to understand at times. However, the team at Saw Mill Cafe blew us away! Dustin’s support and the lead have always been super engaging and eager to work with him, making Dustin’s adjustment to new team members a breeze. He’s even been instrumental in showing new hires the ropes!

We are so proud of Dustin and his accomplishments. Seeing him work, grow, and make new friends with nice people in a great environment is wonderfully uplifting his EC and AtWork!. This is what makes our jobs so rewarding, seeing the joy in the hearts of the people we serve and sharing their success. It doesn’t get any better than this!