Dylan at Canyon Creek Cabinet Company! June 3, 2020 – Posted in: Employment Services, Happy Dances

Dylan has been working at Canyon Creek Cabinet in Monroe for about two years now. He started working the night shift for just over a year, and built great working relationships with his…

teammates. When the night crew was moved to the day shift it was a lot for Dylan to take in, but it didn’t stop him from learning new techniques from new co-workers and building new professional relationships. Most of his responsibilities have been helping his team members with sanding items that get returned with minor detail issues. Sometimes he does the sanding in the Painting/Finishing department, to rough up the items that will be painted down the line.

Before the Stay-at-Home order, Dylan was asked to help out in the “FC Cell” department that works on the building and fabrication of Floating Shelves and other accessory type items. Kylan took a liking to the department, so when he came back to work and found out that there was a job posting for a Cabinet Technician, Dylan jumped at the opportunity to apply.

With a little support from his Employment Consultant, mainly reviewing what he’s worked on in the past and what other hobbies or home projects that he’s done that relate to the position, Dylan was able to interview without a problem.

About a week later, Upper Management gave him the positon. Dylan is now mainly in the “FC Cell” department, but because of his expertise and experince, he’s able to help out in his former departments if work slows down in his. Thus, making him even more essential to Canyon Creek Cabinet Company.

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