Employment Services

Everyone deserves to experience the satisfaction of a job well done.
Do you have a disability and want to work? AtWork! can help.


AtWork! believes that everyone—including people with disabilities—can benefit from the transformative power of integrated employment. Your AtWork! Employment Consultant will work with you one-on-one, to find the right job for your talents, abilities and interests.


Finding a new job can be exciting—and challenging. AtWork! provides all the training and support you need to overcome the obstacles and be successful in your new job. We’ll help you:


Find a good job that matches your talents and interests

  • Get to know your employer
  • Meet your coworkers
  • Understand the workplace culture
  • Learn your job duties in a way that makes sense to you
  • Feel comfortable and succeed in your position

Your Employment Consultant is focused on one thing: helping you succeed in your job. He or she will be available every step of the way: checking in regularly, visiting you at your job site, and helping you to learn new tasks or resolve problems that may come up.

Four Steps to Job Success


1. Discovery – Meet your Employment Consultant, who will help you:

Identify your needs, abilities and interests
Discover your skills through a variety of tasks
Explore your interests through volunteer opportunities, job tours or job shadowing
Work with you to prepare your resume or employment applications and develop job interview skills


2. Job Development – Your Employment Consultant:

Partners with local businesses to match a job to your skills, interests and goals
Brings you and the employer together for an interview
Helps you to decide whether to accept or reject the employment offer and negotiate the hours you work and how much you are paid.


3. Training and Support

While you work on mastering your new job, we provide on-the-job training and support for you, your co-workers and your circle of support.


4. Job Retention – Your Employment Consultant will:

Support you through job coaching
Advocate for you through any problems with your employer
Check in as needed to ensure continued success


Job seekers—are you ready to get started?
It’s easy! Review our information about paying for services; then call 425-274-4000 and ask for a “new person served intake/referral” to set up an interview with an AtWork! Employment Consultant, or email Wally Tablit (wallyt@atworkwa.org) for more information. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams and your potential.

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