Erika at Tavern Hall June 6, 2019 – Posted in: Employment Services, Happy Dances

Erika begins her day at Tavern Hall Bellevue the minute she’s clocked in. Her and her job coach move quickly to gather the cleaning supplies and start sanitizing the server stations. They move on to unloading…

the glass cups for a deep clean, then setting them out by type. Erika then independently cleans and sets the tables in the front bar.

“I love that I’m able to come in, help out, get paid, and have fun doing it” she says, “I look forward to seeing my coworkers each week, trying new things, and growing at my job.”

Erika just celebrated her three-year anniversary with Tavern Hall in February and between the amazing management team, the stellar kitchen crew, and the front of house heroes, Erika is able to provide quality work, cleaning, sanitizing, and working alongside her team.

With a smile on her face, a beat in her step, and determination in her spirit, Erika has really come into her own at Tavern Hall. By combining fun with her laser sharp focus and attention to detail, she now works independently for her Friday shift and is constantly building relationships with coworkers. Tavern Hall loves having her on the team, and she loves them.

After work, Erika enjoys artistic hobbies such as painting and drawing. She also has an affinity for playing video games and listening to 80’s music. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her family.

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