Gary & the Rainier Brewing Sidecar! December 16, 2019 – Posted in: Community Inclusion

Gary has always been a motorcycle fan but riding in one had been a distant dream, until recently. As a part of his Community Inclusion plan, once a month Gary goes to the Eastside Harley…

Davidson to hang out with the folks at the shop and enjoy the brilliance of the machines with the other enthusiasts. One day his Community Inclusion Specialist Sarah, was as the shop with Gary and noticed a few people starting up a motorcycle. In and amongst the hustle, she asked if there was something Gary could ride in and they recommended she reach out to Rainier Brewing. They have a branded motorcycle and sidecar locally in the Seattle area.

Sarah started doing some research but didn’t make a connection right away. She eventually found the official Rainier Brewing Instagram, but they have a large following so chances of making a connection felt slim. Though as luck would have it, they answered! They were able to give her the contact information of their Marketing Manager, Mike Scott, and he messaged her back almost instantly! He was happy to hear of Gary’s love of motorcycles and offered to take him out the very next week.

Gary and Sarah went to Eastside Harley Davidson that day with a special smile spread across both their faces. “Today’s the day!” she whispered to Gary as they approached Mike Scott and the infamous Rainier Brewing motorcycle and sidecar. Many of Gary’s friends from the shop were there, clapping and giving him their best wished for the ride. They were all so happy for him and that he was able to get to do this! As Gary approached, Mike pulled out a Rainier Beer Jersey from the brewery and presented it to Gary. With the assistance of Gary’s staff, they got him outfitted with his new jersey and all loaded in for the ride. The engine roared to life and sped away, leaving behind the cheering crowd as they then went for a twenty-five-minute ride through the Bridle Trails neighborhood. He was exhilarated! They had a wonderful time together and Mike loved getting to meet and talk with Gary. He even said he’d bring by a hat for Gary and they’d keep it at the shop until Gary’s next visit.

Igniting people’s passions and transcending barriers is what makes Community Inclusion so impactful because everyone needs community. Finding people with similar interests, giving back to others, and realizing your potential for growth are important to living life to the fullest at any age. That’s why we focus on developing independent community connections.