Janice is a Resident Treatment Specialist! April 16, 2018 – Posted in: Happy Dances

Last week, Janice got a job at Pioneer Human Services as a Resident Treatment Specialist! Janice recently graduated with her Associates of Arts degree in Social Services from Spokane Falls…

Community College. She has always dreamed of going back to school for her AA degree, but chose to put school on hold to care for her family. Now that her children are all grown up, Janice is ready to accomplish big things in this field!

Since graduating, Janice has joined the Toastmasters at EWU and begun talking about going back to school for her Bachelor’s degree in Social Services. For now, though, Janice is happy to be helping young men and women who are receiving treatment for drug addiction.

“I could not be prouder to have such an amazing woman in our field. She truly has a big heart for all the individuals she works with and has a gift for seeing the good in everyone she meets.” -her coach said.

Congratulations Janice!!

We want to thank our Spokane team for making this happen and to Pioneer Human Services for changing the face of employment!