Leland’s new role with the Everett Downtown Association! June 16, 2021 – Posted in: Global News

“Do you like your job Leland?” As he looks up he grins, “No. I love my job!”

Great job matches come from teamwork, creativity, a bit of persistence, and a devotion to our communities. Our Snohomish

team exemplifies these traits to a tee and recently created a new customized position with the Downtown Everett Association. A Customized Position is a role that did not exist prior to our collaboration with the organization. These positions are unique in that our Employment Consultants and Job Developers look at the skill-sets of the people we serve whilst simultaneously discovering opportunities in local businesses. It’s a more holistic approach that yields greater success for both the person served and the business.

Robert, a Snohomish Team Employment Consultant, saw a great opportunity with the local Everett Parking Garage. After developing a relationship with Keith Becker (left) the Garage Supervisor and Dana Oliver, the administrator for the Downtown Everett Association, Robert clearly understood their business need. After a few great conversations, both were open to hiring a person with disabilities served by AtWork!. Robert had been in communication with his team throughout the whole process and unanimously, they knew Leland (right) was the perfect fit. They were right, and he officially started working with them in March of 2021 as a Porter.

This job has proven to be life-changing for Leland. Prior to this role, Leland struggled to keep himself on a healthy schedule. He would play video games into the early morning then catch up on sleep during the day. This had his family worried about his motivation, but now that Leland works five (5) days a week, two (2) hours a day at a steady job, he is a new person with a new outlook on life. He goes to bed at a reasonable hour on his own, gets up on time every day, and prepares himself for work independently.

Work is truly transformative. Work gives us the chance to give back to our communities and to be seen as productive and contributing members. Work creates connections and relationships that are vital to a healthy well-being. Here at AtWork!, we believe that Supported Employment is a fundamental right to those with disabilities. Join us in celebrating Leland’s truly transformational journey, and if you happen to feel inspired share the word!