Margaret’s Story June 20, 2024 – Posted in: Global News

Margaret has been working at Safeway for nearly two years now, and her journey has been remarkable. Prior to joining Safeway, she worked at Goodwill until the pandemic hit. Margaret’s initial experience at her first Safeway location was challenging.

The environment was not very supportive, and she faced various microaggressions from management, who often dismissed her.

Recognizing the need for a better work environment, we decided to try moving Margaret to a different Safeway store. This change proved to be a great success. At her new location, the team and store staff have really gotten to know her, creating a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Margaret requires one-on-one support, which is where Alaina comes in. Alaina’s support for Margaret is characterized by encouragement, direction, and organization. They have been working together for about a year, focusing on ways for Margaret to become more independent. To help with this, Margaret uses a binder with diagrams and pictures of all her tasks, including instructions on how to clock in. Additionally, she utilizes a sticker reward system, receiving a sticker for each task she completes. This system serves both as a reward and a way to keep track of her progress.

Initially, Margaret had difficulty reading her sticker sheet and couldn’t use it effectively. However, Alaina took the initiative to design a new one that worked better for her needs. Alaina was overjoyed to see Margaret succeed.

Today, Margaret continues to thrive at Safeway, supported by a team that believes in her and by Alaina’s dedicated guidance. Her story is a testament to the power of a supportive work environment and the importance of personalized support.

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