Meet Blake! March 1, 2024 – Posted in: Global News

Meet Blake, a shining example of dedication and growth. For the past 19 years, he’s been a familiar face at Starbucks, pouring his heart into every task and cup. Starting as a lobby attendant, Blake’s journey has been one of continuous learning and development. During the past five years at the Federal Way location, he’s embraced his new opportunities with enthusiasm and success. While cleaning may have been his initial role, Blake’s passion and determination led him to excel in bar prep. Today, he’s not just making whipped cream; he’s crafting the most perfect part of most customer’s days. From sweet cream to strawberry acai, Blake’s repertoire extends far beyond the basics. His willingness to embrace challenges and expand his skills is truly inspiring.

But Blake’s success isn’t just his own; it’s a testament to the supportive community he’s found at Starbucks. His team has been by his side, encouraging his growth every step of the way. And behind the scenes, his job coach, Renee, has been a steadfast advocate, ensuring Blake has the resources and support he needs to thrive.

Blake’s journey is a reminder that with determination and a supportive community, anything is possible. His story inspires us to embrace growth opportunities, no matter where we start, and to celebrate the achievements of every individual along the way.

We share Blake’s Story as a part of March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This year2024’s theme is “A World of Opportunities” – we’re celebrating people and working together to remove obstacles. Our goal is to build a community that’s committed to creating a world where everyone can do well and succeed. Join us in making a world where all kinds of people have the chance to thrive.

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