Update from the RSJ Council – “What’s in a name? And what’s in the Council’s name?” October 3, 2023 – Posted in: Global News

“What’s in a name? And what’s in the Council’s name?” An update from the RSJ Council.

We wanted to share an update regarding the Race and Social Justice Council and why we’ve changed our name. 

We previously went by the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Council. Our name change came about this past Summer when we worked with Dr. Sharon Knight and crafted a vision for our work moving forward. Why change the name.. why center race.. and drop accessibility when we are an organization providing service to people with disabilities?

Disability justice is a part of social justice because disability is something that society creates and defines. Our organization’s main goal is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to be a part of the community in a fair way. We need to consider and address the experiences of people with disabilities, our staff, and our community in order to serve them effectively. We know that racism is deeply ingrained in our society’s institutions and is the primary indicator of a person’s success and well-being. By focusing on race, we believe we can make a positive difference for all communities, including addressing the impact of racism on disabled people of color and those at are marginalized and live at the fringe of society. Our focus on race does not imply that we are ranking or implying that racism is worse than other forms of oppression. Rather, we acknowledge the interconnectedness of all types of oppression. Addressing racism contributes to the advancement of racial and social justice and helps us understand how it is linked to other forms of oppression.