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Pictured: Sehen, a STW Graduate and picture here at her last role at Salesforce!

A BIPOC woman with a disability smiles at the camera. She is wearing a pink blouse and is sitting in a black leather office chair at a desk with binders.

School-To-Work & Transition Services

Graduating from high school is an important and complicated rite of passage. For students with disabilities, it can be particularly challenging. Our objective is to assist students with disabilities as they transition from school to adult life with a job in the community. By combining a student’s desire to work, a strong support team, and AtWork!’s team of Employment Consultants, we can make it happen. Transition services support all students in creating a vision of community-based supported employment.

AtWork! works closely with our community school districts, students, and families to support students and their career goals. Our services support the students and their families as they transition from school-based services to personalized plans, skills assessments, job matching, and placement.

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment is a service in which people with disabilities are assisted with obtaining and maintaining employment. AtWork! provides Employment Consultants to match qualified candidates to the needs of an employer. We support the job candidates through the application process, interviewing, on-boarding, training, retention of employment, as well as on-going career growth. The Employment Consultant also provides training and support to co-workers and supervisors on disability-related topics as well as how best to work with the employee.

AtWork! Direct Services Include:

An Employment Consultant who will work with you/your student and collaborate with parents and the adult services system. Together, we’ll provide the skills assessment, job matching, job placement, and benefits planning, and will coordinate resources for students and their families.

Setting the Course

By age 18, we’ll assist you/your student with the processes of applying for DDA, SSI, Medicaid, guardianship, and DVR. We’ll assist with obtaining a WA State ID card, then develop a transition team that will interview employment providers and assists with determining access to transportation.

Beginning the Process

By age 20, we’ll have your students participate in community-based work experiences to create an employment goal. We’ll develop a resume and employment profile to begin job development. Then, we’ll find an employer match and begin preparing for the job application and interviews.

Establishing Success

By age 21, we’ll complete your student’s transition with a paid job in the community. We’ll start job training and implement ongoing paid employment support. We’ll assist with benefits planning and develop an ongoing career path service path.

We're the embedded provider in the Bellevue School District!

In our almost ten years of successful partnership with the Bellevue School District, we can say without a doubt that they are an extraordinary team of educators, endlessly working to ensure that all students receive equitable services and have access to all necessary resources. As a district, they are comprised of diverse voices and perspectives and are an exemplary example of inclusion.

Watch the video to see how we’re empowering these students on their next journey!

What other districts do we serve?

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