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Craig Vick

Tyler Technologies

Craig Vick has been a software engineer since 1995 and currently works at Tyler Technologies, which writes software for the public sector. Craig, a pastor since 1982, is currently a pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church. Craig sees technology as a means to serve people that live with disabilities. And, as a pastor, he strives to serve the community with the love, truth, and wisdom of the Scriptures.

Craig has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from CSUN and a Master’s of Divinity degree  from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Craig’s first job as a pastor was to start and support ministries in Los Angeles.  He visited prisons and convalescent homes, taught reading and English as a second language, and developed a relationship with what was called a “Spastic Children’s Home.” All of the residents were adults. He began by bringing residents from the home to his church. Bus drivers would often leave wheelchair users at the stops. Craig joined a  committee that advised the LA city department of transportation and he eventually became a member of the mayor’s council on disabilities.

Craig now lives in  Renton with his wife. They have two adult children. He is an amateur entomologist and enjoys philosophy.

“Those of us who live with disabilities (I’m a congenital amputee) are arguably the most marginalized of people in our society. We have, by far, the highest rate of unemployment. Historically we have been excluded from much of community life. This marginalization hurts everyone. AtWork! has both a mission and a record of bringing positive change in these areas. That’s why I’m proudly a part of AtWork!”