The Randall Club
The Randall Club:
A philanthropic community dedicated to AtWork!'s mission.

Pictured: The Randall Club Virtual Meeting Room


Your support is changing the world for people with disabilities. Not just in our local communities but in Washington State and beyond.

The Randall Club

You’re invited to become a part of a community. A community dedicated to the dreams of people with disabilities. Our namesake, Wendy Randall, believed with all her heart that dreams really do come true and so do we. This monthly giving community supports the overall Mission of AtWork!, while providing a rare and exclusive networking opportunity spanning Washington State.

Want to join? All you have to do is donate today and select our Monthly Donation option. There is no minimum donation.

Payments are processed by PayPal’s secure servers, accepting VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diner’s Club. You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate with your credit card.

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Wendy Randall receiving the Good Life Award from LifeSPAN
Wendy Randall dedicated her life, her heart, and her soul to one cause…equity and justice for people with disabilities. Wendy was our bedrock of unfailing belief in the transformative power of employment and true inclusion. United we changed the face of employment in communities where we serve, across the country, and beyond because Wendy inspired us all to step up, take a risk, and be champions.

Pictured Left is Wendy Randall (in green), receiving the Good Life Award on behalf of AtWork! from LifeSPAN. She is surrounded by the incredible people AtWork! has had the honor of serving, and our employees. Also pictured is the former King County Executive and Deputy Secretary of HUD, Ron Sims, and Sherry McNary who invented My Home, My Life.

Learn more about the Good Life Award here.


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