Empowering people with disabilities to get good jobs, increase community connection and successfully transition to life after high school.

AtWork! has advocated for and created integrated employment opportunities for people with development disabilities since 1998. We target our people served services in three areas :

Participants in AtWork!’s Employment Services Program access funding support through:

  • King County Developmental Disabilities Administration
  • Snohomish County Developmental Disabilities Administration
  • Washington Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Private Pay

You are an individual. Your pathway to employment should be as unique as you are. 

At AtWork!, we understand that every person is different. It is not our job to “fix” you – it is our job to find and celebrate your talents, skills and abilities, and use those to help you find a job. AtWork! is successful at helping people find their dream job because our services are:

Everyone starts with their own individual and detailed evaluation and plan. We listen to your hopes and dreams. We begin to understand your challenges. And we work with you to create the perfect plan just for you. The plan is updated regularly to keep us all on track to success.

AtWork! staff are trained professionals. Our job is to help you be successful. Our employment staff is proactive and communicative. They form respectful partnerships that recognize and honor the contributions, expectations, and successes of all partners.

AtWork! is known for alternative, strategic approaches to traditional employment that work to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. We get jobs for people others consider unemployable.

AtWork! delivers compassionate, dedicated support that appreciates and values each individual’s unique attributes.

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